FAQ about ICO/Token Launch Campaign
How to buy ARCHI?
On our website you can find detailed instructions to buy our token.
Never heard of ArchiCoin before. Who you are?
Our team consists of specialists in their fields. Our team includes both technical specialists and successful businessmen. In more detail you can learn about the team on the website of our project (https://archicoin.io)
What is ICO?
ICO is a new way to market the crypto currency or "primary coin issue". In this case, unlike the IPO, buyers of foreign currency do not receive a share in the company and cannot influence internal management decisions. ICO is another form of the crowdfunding model, when participants finance the development of the company now in order to get results from it in the future.
Why do you need ICO? Where the money will go?
During the ICO project ArchiCoin sells digital tokens among stakeholders. Later, these coins can be used on the project platform as an internal currency.
All current primary offers of tokens are fraud. How can you comment this statement?
We are a team of professionals, and our goal is to create a working product using blocking technology that meets the modern challenges that face humanity and grow each year.
Issue of your tokens is scam
We are an experienced team of professionals working on the creation of a real working project, please visit our official website (https://archicoin.io) for more details. Our team has already designed the concept of the project, which you can read in the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-ru http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin- white-paper-ru), and also began developing MVP on the basis of these developments.
Will there be a bonus program (Bounty)? What it will be paid for?
Yes! Bonuses will be paid for such tasks as translation of white paper and FAQ, regional customer support, support in social networks. As required, additional tasks will be announced.
What is the price of coins for Pre-ICO and ICO?
The price of the token depends on the phase of the sale. During the Pre-ICO, the price is $ 0.001. During ICO $ 0.002, there is also a bonus system depending on the time of purchase:
(25%, day 1-2) (20%, day 3-7) (15%, week 2) (10 %, week 3) (5%, week 4) (0%, week 5).
In which currencies do you accept payments?
Only Ethereum is accepted. In the near future, other crypto-currencies and fiat funds will be included.
Where can I see the progress of the collected amounts?
You can find it by visiting our official website (https://archicoin.io)
How to make payment? How long does the payment take? What are the commissions?
In order to make payment follow the instructions posted on our website. Transactions on the purchase of ARCHI tokens pass quite rapidly. The commission is charged standard when transferring into another crypto currency.
Why can my tokens be useful for me as an investor?
ARCHI is an asset with real use. It is used to pay for the storage, as well as to participate in the mining system.
Is the minimum amount of funds collected established? What happens if you do not collect them?
Our team does not set a minimum amount of funds raised. However, the amount collected affects the timing of market entry and the functionality of the first version. Below is our progress ladder:
1 M $ - MVP product
3 M $ - Inclusion of Smart Contracts
5 M $ - Enabling of Global Search
10 M $ - Realization of Multifunctionality (streaming, online shopping, etc.)
12 M $ - Development of the project API
15 M $ - Increase of coverage in the world market
18 M $ - Implementation of the function of outsourcing of computing power
20 M $ - Ability to deploy block projects
Is there a ceiling on the funds raised?
Yes, it is 15 million dollars.
What happens if you collect more money than you need?
We are not going to accept fees after reaching the maximum amount of fees.
I am a speculator. What is the probability of a price increase for your token in six months or a year? How much can it grow?
ARCHI is an asset with real use. ARCHI is not a speculative tool.
What is the probability that after the ICO the tokens will fall in price?
It's an open market, and there is a lot of unexpected events that cannot be predicted.
What are the main factors that can positively or negatively affect the value of the token in the future?
There are many factors, including legal, market and technical risks. For a more detailed analysis, see the "Terms and Conditions" of our documentation (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-en http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper -ru).
When will the tokens begin to trade on the exchanges? Which ones?
All information on this issue can be provided only after the end of the ICO.
What will be the liquidity of the tokens at the time of the completion of the offer of the tokens?
After the sale of tokens, liquidity will be ensured by the launch of the system.
How much will I earn for the whole time?
Our token is not a speculation. Its main purpose is transactions inside the system.
Will pre-sale (pre-order) tokens be carried out?
Yes. Its main purpose is raising funds to qualitatively prepare for the main sale and preparation of the MVP version of our product.
I want to invest a very large amount of money. Will I have any privileges, voting rights, etc.?
We give everyone equal opportunities to participate in our ICO, so we do not have special conditions for large buyers.
Can I take a token out of your service?
Yes. The token complies with the ERC20 standard. You can store it in your wallet supporting this standard.
How secure is the storage of tokens?
All purchased tokens are currently stored in personal wallets supporting the ERC20. That is the owner oneself is responsible for safe storage of the token.
I'm afraid of a hacker attack, how secure is your system?
The system is resistant to DDoS attacks. The address used to send tokens is protected and displayed only for the intended user, which makes it impossible to replace the address of the wallet.
What is the minimum entry threshold? And the maximum limit?
The minimum entry threshold is $ 30.
What does the legal structure of possession of the token look like?
A token is a digital asset. It is subject to the respective legislation that regulates the possession of digital assets. In this issue, the legal regulation of the possession of our token in most cases is analogous to the legal regulation of possession of crypto-currencies.
What will happen to my investments if the tokens are banned or legal regulation is introduced to control them?
ARCHI are internal tokens, not securities, so they are not regulated. Any decisions of the local authorities are beyond the control of ARCHI, and will not be reimbursed.
The site does not say anything about the escrow account (escrow) and consultants. How can I trust you?
Our escrow is the Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan. For more information, visit our official website (https://archicoin.io).
Who distributes your tokens, and how quickly will I receive them after the end of the initial offer (Token Launch)?
Thanks to a clever contract, the token will be assigned to the purses immediately after purchase. The speed of the transaction will depend on the congestion of the network.
Do your tokens match the ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?
Our token is deployed according to the ERC20 standard. It has all the capabilities provided by this standard.
How to calculate the discount on a token?
The discount indicates how much cheaper you can get a token from its basic price. The total price of the token will be set after the end of all ICO stages.
What will be done to unsold tokens?
Any tokens that were not sold during the sale of the token will not be created and, therefore, simply will not exist.
How many tokens will be available at pre-sale and sale of tokens?
At Pre-ICO, 700 million ARCHI tokens will be available. At ICO, 17.5 billion ARCHI tokens will be available.
What exactly do I own after buying a token? Shares in the company?
The ArchiCoin token holder has no stake in the company. He/she is a participant of the project and holders of the tokens respectively.
FAQ about the product
What is ArchiCoin?
ArchiCoin - distributed storage using persistent cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system forms an unlimited number of servers on the Internet. Anyone can provide a piece of their disk space to participate in a single world system of secure data storage.
How does the system work?
All information in ArchiCoin is stored in an encrypted form. When you upload a file to the ArchiCoin network, it is divided into parts that are encrypted and sent to a swarm of peers. User files are accessed through a private key. No one but the owner can access the information downloaded on the network. ArchiCoin allows you to safely store, share or monetize any data.
I've never heard of your company before. Who you are?
Our company ArchiCoin is new in the market. But it includes people with many years of experience. The CEO of our project, Kairat Egemberdiev, is a successful businessman. The owner of such large companies as SHORO and Supara.
How many people are on the team?
You can learn more about our team on the website of our project (https://archicoin.io).
Do you have analogues or competitors?
Yes. Their list includes both cloud platforms like Google, Amazon, DropBox, and decentralized competitors such as Sia, Storj, FileCoin.
How do you earn? How much do you charge yourself?
Our company will earn from a percent of the transactions in our system. This will be laid in the core of ArchiCoin.
How long does your company exist?
Our company is legally registered in the beginning of 2018.
Is there any mention of your company in the media?
Yes. For more information, you can see the Media section on our website (https://archicoin.io).
Office address?
The Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, 99V Lushchikhin St.
Which legal framework your business is following?
We are following the jurisdiction of the Kyrgyz Republic.
What happens if your project closes?
We are not going to abandon our project. In the event of an unforeseen situation, access to our system will be translated to the open source mode.
What is the use of blockchain in your system?
Blockchain is an integral part of our system. It allows you to create an autonomous decentralized system consisting of independent servers. For more information, study the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-ru http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper-ru).
What are the functions of the token?
The token in our system has a utilitarian meaning. Without it, it is impossible to store data and provide storage space. The token does not have restrictions on the application, so it can act as a mean of payment, etc.
Who are the potential customers of the system?
Our system has a wide range of functions. Potential customers can be: content sellers, companies in need of a database, ordinary users, etc. For more information, study the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-en http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper-en).
What can be the examples of the application of the system?
The simplest example is the usual storage of data in the system. In addition to storage, there is an opportunity to lay out websites, open online stores, streaming channels, store server-side applications. For more information, study the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-en http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper-en).
What are the advantages of the mining system?
Advantages are:
1. Secured liquidity of tokens,
2. Low power consumption,
3. Low entry budget,
4. Ease of adjustment,
5. Low heat generation and noise level.
For more information, study the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-en http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper-en).
How is the stability of stored information ensured?
Stability of the stored information is carried out by a number of measures: 10-fold backup, monitoring for file integrity and self-restoration. Also, the rating system and the pledge motivate the miners to fulfill their duties with more rigor. For more information, study the documentation of our project (http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-tech-paper-en http://file.archicoin.io/document/archicoin-white-paper-en).
What is the advantage of the system over competitors?
The website of our project (https://archicoin.io) contains a comparison table for ArchiCoin with its competitors.
When will the MVP system be released?
The MVP version of the product will be released after the ICO. Until more information, you can read our road map.
How will system users who are not familiar with crypto currency can operate in the system?
The system has a low entry threshold, which makes it friendly to ordinary users. Users can safely purchase the storage space with the help of the fiat ARCHI tokens directly inside ArchiCoin.
What is the liquidity of the token?
Liquidity of the token is ensured by the fact that all functions within the system are available only when using the ARCHI token.
How does mining work in the system?
The system automatically (randomly, according to the lottery principle) distributes ArchiCoin as a reward for providing computing power to maintain the system. The winning ratio depends on the level of the provided computing power. At the same time, there is payment for the space provided on the disk for storing information by other users (as explained earlier, each disk will store a large number of small parts by a file of other users, in an encrypted form).
How does your system ensure the security of stored information?
The security of our system is provided by a number of features:
Decentralization. The absence of a single point of failure avoids most types of attacks, as well as theft of user encryption keys.
Digital Signature. Asymmetric encryption technology provides an easy way to protect your content from piracy.
Cryptography. The use of modern encryption methods avoids the attack by brute-force scanning.
What is the current stage of the product?
At the moment, the alpha version of the project is being developed. Access to it will be opened after Pre-ICO.
Why are there so many tokens in the system?
At the moment, the alpha version of the project is being developed. Access to it will be opened after Pre-ICO.