Distributed storage using the stable cryptography
Blockchain is not the future - it is the present!
Involved: $118 400
What is the ARCHICOIN
ArchiCoin is a distributed storage that using the stable cryptography. Instead of a centralized server, the file system is formed by an unlimited number of servers in the Internet. Anyone can provide his or her disk space to participate in the unified world system of the protected data storage.
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Token pre-sale
Discount 50 %
Pre-sale token: ARCHI

Start: TBA
Price for at pre-sale: $0.001
Min contribution: 30$
Number of tokens pre-sale:
700 000 000
Hardcap $700000
Accepted payments: ETH
Discount 25%, day 1-2

Hardcap $20M
Start: TBA
Cost of token ICO: $0.002
Number of tokens ICO:
12 500 000 000
ICO token: ARCHI

Min contribution: 30$
Accepted payments: ETH
Private token pre-sale
Discount 75 %
Start: 01.12.17 / 12:00 UTC
Private pre-sale token: ARCHI

Cost of token: $0.0005
Number of tokens at private pre-sale: 400 000 000
Min contribution: 30$
Accepted payments: ETH
Token sale stages
INVOLVED: $115 400
Distribution of coins Archicoin
ICO 7%
Advisors 0,5%
Pre-ICO 0,55%
Team 0,8%
Privat pre-sale 0,15%
Bounty 0,2%
Total number tokens 22 Billion
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Sign up for the Archicoin newsletter.
Over 1 TB of information in the network ArchiCoin will be at least 10 times cheaper than on services such as Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure.
No centralized storage locations, encrypting all the data distributed around the world.
The system has a low entry threshold, giving the opportunity to provide free space to receive the payment as a data storage and mining.
Low cost storage
Selling space
Advantages of the system
All files will be indexed using the chain blocks and are distributed in the network ArchiCoin.
In addition to storing data, ArchiCoin offers secure access to user information without interaction with a third party. All this is possible with smart contracts
The ability to search files
Providing access
The advantage of the system is the ability to store both unstructured and structured data.
In the system in addition to the usual storage there is a possibility to put the sites to open online stores, streaming sites, backend applications.
System ArchiCoin allows you to execute queries to search, edit, store and delete at high speed. Data download will occur in parallel with different devices in order to achieve the fastest possible data access.
Storing structured data
Decentralized competitors
Centralized competitors
September - December 2017
• Start of the developments
• Preparation for closed pre-sale
• Announcement of closed pre-sale
December 2017 - February 2018
• Carrying out Closed pre-sale
• Preparation for Pre-ICO
• Announcement of Pre-ICO
April 2018
• Carrying out Pre-ICO
April - May 2018
• Preparation for ICO• The development of a demo version and its demonstration
May - Jule 2018
• Carrying out ICO
June 2018
• The development of a stable product version
Autumn 2018
• The Demonstration of a stable version
Winter 2018
• Transition into Open-Source mode
Software engineer
Business Manager
Davlet Dzhakishev
Kanat Djamalbekov
Nathan Adamson
Meet the team
CEO Archicoin
Kairat Egemberdiev
Frontend developer
Ilia Ni
Project Manager
Sultanbek Baibagyshev
Software developer
Dr. Animesh Baruah
ICO expert
Anatoly Bordyugov
Vladimir Malakchi
Marketin expert
Our partners
Life at conferences of 2018
CEO Kairat Egemberdiev and Nathan Adamson have visited several conferences and met many interesting participants. They have learned lots of useful information and got advice concerning the ARCHICOIN project. We thank all the organizers of these conferences.
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Do you project have Softcap & Hardcap

Pre-sale Hardcap $700K
Token sale Hardcap 20M
Our project do not have softcap

How Archicoin will be used in the system?
Archicoin may be used inside the system as a main mean of payment for for storage and other platform services. To support and maintain our blockchain-based storage system, we need a computing power of miners and they will be awarded for maintaining the system. Archicoin is designed and intended to be used only within our platform and do not have any value outside it.
Do you accept payment in different currencies?
We accept funds in cryptocurrency: ETH, BTC, BCH and other cryptocurrencies as may be introduced later

Who are the key customers in Archicoin?
Our main customers are corporate companies and ordinary users.
Corporate companies: Metallurgical, machinebuilding, energy companies,
telecommunication, transportation and oil service companies; Banks, retail, media, internetservices retail, distribution, goods of mass consumption (FMCG) consulting and auditing companies.

What is the Outlook for miners?
To motivate the miners, the mining system was created. System automatically (randomly, according to the lottery principle) distributes ArchiCoin as a reward for providing computing power to support the system.The entry threshold is not too large, what allows to get a result during participation even with small resources.
Mining is expected for a long time, the number of coins is limited and the economy of the project provides stable demand for tokens in stock exchanges to pay for services, that increases investment attraction of joining the project as a miner.

What is the price for a token at the private pre-sale, pre-sale and Token sale?
Price for a token at the private pre-sale : $0.0005
Price for a token at the pre-sale : $0.001
Price for a token at the Token Sale: $0.002

How many tokens will be offered the private pre-sale, pre-sale and Token sale ?

Number of tokens at the private pre-sale: 400 000 000

Number of tokens at the pre-sale: 700 000 000

Number of tokens at the Token: 12 500 000 000

What is the minimum purchase amount?
Minimum purchase amount:

30$ for the private pre-sale

30$ for the pre-sale

30$ for the Token Sale

Accepted payments: ETH
What are the discount during the Token Sale ?
(25%, day 1-2) (20%, day 3-7) (15%, week 2) (10%, week 3) (5%, week 4) (0%, week 5)